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cheeesecat's Journal

ミ☆ The Smut Collection of ♡Lucy Fag Hag♡ ☆ミ
18 June 1986
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This is where I (_superherogirl_) will place the chapters to my stories, smut, porn whatever you want to call it. All entries with the stories will be public, you've already probably seen all my stuff from the communities I post them in but I feel like having an archive so there.

[EDIT] Not all entries are public, most of them actually are friends only because this is where I keep my writing log.

If you want to add this journal for updates and such, go right ahead. If you want to read about the smutty writer's life, then add _superherogirl_, thank you.

Lots of smutty ice cream and cheesecake love,
Lucy ♥

info is a w.i.p, but layout was made by ghost_factory, thank you~!♥


Leave prompts. Fill kinks. ;)
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